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Municipal water supply

The use of sodium hypochlorite generator in the tap water industry

Sodium hypochlorite generator is a device that uses electrolytic brine to prepare and produce sodium hypochlorite solution. The sodium hypochlorite solution generated by electrolysis has the following uses in water plants:

1. The sodium hypochlorite solution generated by electrolysis is put into water for disinfection, killing microorganisms in the water, and making the water quality meet the national "Drinking Water Hygiene Standard" GB 5749-2006.

2. Pre-oxidation before filtration to prevent algae growth, clean filter sand and reduce water color.

3. Removal of pollution indicators such as organic color, iron, manganese, and permanganate index in the water.

The principle of disinfection and sterilization of sodium hypochlorite solution

The main action of sodium hypochlorite disinfection is to form hypochlorous acid through its hydrolysis, which is further decomposed to form new ecological oxygen [O]. The extremely strong oxidizing nature of the new ecological oxygen denatures the proteins and other substances on bacteria and viruses. , Thereby killing the pathogenic microorganisms. Secondly, in the process of sterilization and virus killing, hypochlorous acid can not only act on the cell wall and virus shell, but also because the hypochlorous acid molecule is small and has no charge, it can also penetrate into the bacteria (virus) body and interact with the bacteria (virus) body. Organic polymers such as proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes undergo oxidation reactions to kill pathogenic microorganisms. Third, the chloride ions produced by hypochlorous acid can also significantly change the osmotic pressure of bacteria and virions, causing cells to lose activity and die. The disinfection mechanism of sodium hypochlorite includes the oxidation of sodium hypochlorite, the role of new ecological oxygen and the chlorination.

Advantages of Ou Rui brand RN type sodium hypochlorite generator

1. The equipment works stably and has a high degree of automation.

2. The operating cost of the equipment is low. For every kilogram of effective chlorine produced, 3.2 kilograms of salt and 5 kWh of electricity are consumed.

3. Perfect after-sales service system to provide customers with thoughtful service.