Become a first-class enterprise in the field of domestic water quality safety disinfection

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Company Culture

— Our vision:

Become a first-class enterprise in the field of water quality safety disinfection in China.

— Our mission:

Improve the disinfection technology of the water supply industry, and work hard to improve the people's safe drinking water environment.

— Our goal:

Achieve the mission plan, expand the company's reputation, and become a domestic technology leader.

— Our entrepreneurial spirit:

Professional, dedicated, efficient and perfect. Perseverance and endless struggle.

— Our business philosophy:

Sincerity-be honest and open-minded, conceited, seek truth from facts and not hypocrisy;

Keeping promises-treat credibility as life, do what you say, and honor your promises;

Dedicated - to choose no regrets, passion for work;

Innovation—seeking changes in current affairs, constantly exploring and pursuing excellence;

— Our management philosophy:

Everything is standardized, and efficiency is always pursued.

Let us be: to work together to forge and practice our corporate culture and make unremitting efforts!!