Improve the disinfection technology of the water supply industry, and work hard for the improvement of the people's safe drinking water environment

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Quality Promise:The company promises to ensure that the goods provided are brand new, unused, manufactured with first-class craftsmanship and high-quality materials, and fully meet the specified quality, specifications and performance requirements. Our company promises that the contract equipment will have satisfactory performance during its service life after correct installation, debugging, reasonable operation and maintenance. We guarantee that the owner will not be accused of infringing its patent rights, trademark rights or industrial design rights when using our goods and any other parts.

Installation and Debugging: The company has experienced equipment installation engineers and construction personnel who are responsible for onsite installation and commissioning of large equipment. Provide equipment installation and engineering technical service guidance for free. Each piece of equipment needs to be commissioned by the service engineer on site to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the system installation to eliminate unstable factors caused by transportation and installation.

Operation Training: The company’s service engineers conduct on-site training for user operators when installing and debugging for users: explain in detail the control principle of the chlorine dioxide system, be familiar with equipment performance, parameters, and hardware configuration for operation, installation, and maintenance; be able to perform routine maintenance on the system, Periodic adjustment of instruments and meters, etc. Explain the equipment maintenance knowledge manual and on-site operation essentials, so that they can be familiar with the system, operate correctly, modify the parameters within the authority reasonably and accurately, with the help of the automatic control system. Ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the quality of the effluent water.

Maintenance: During the normal operation of the equipment, we will conduct follow-up investigations on the equipment provided and visit users regularly. Once the equipment fails abnormally, the company immediately sends service engineers to the scene to deal with it. Arrive within 2 hours within the local city, within 8 hours within the province, and within 24 hours outside the province or negotiated to solve the problem, and strive to achieve "the problem of the same day, the same day".